Reading Comprehension 1

SECTION 1                                                   

Questions 1-8.


A Filling the reservoir

Your iron is designed to function using tap water.  However, it will last longer if you use distilled water.

–        Always unplug the iron before filling the reservoir.

–        Always empty the reservoir after use.

B Temperature and steam control

Your Moulex iron has two buttons which control the intensity of heat produced by the iron.  You can, therefore, adjust the temperature of the iron and the amount of steam being given off depending upon the type of fabric being ironed.

  • Turn the steam control the desired intensity.
  • Turn the thermostat control to the desired temperature

Important:If your iron produces droplets of water instead of giving off steam, your temperature control is set too low.

C Spray button

This button activates a jet of cold water which allows you to iron out any unintentional creases. Press the button for one second.

D Pressing button

This button activates a super shot of steam which momentarily gives you an additional 40g of steam, when needed.

Important: Do not use this more than five successive times.

E Suits etc.

It is possible to use this iron in a vertical position so that you can remove creases from clothes on coat hangers or from curtains. Turning the thermostat control and the steam button to maximum, hold the iron in a vertical position close to the fabric but without touching it. Hold down the pressing button for a maximum of one second.  The steam produced is not always visible but is still able to remove creases.

Important: Hold the iron at a sufficient distance from silk and wool to avoid all risk of scorching. Do not attempt to remove creases from an item of clothing that is being worn, always use a coat hanger.

F Auto-clean

In order that your iron does not become furred up, Moulex have integrated an auto-clean system and we advise you to use it very regularly (1-2 times per month).

  • Turn the steam control to the off position
  • Fill the reservoir and turn the thermostat control to maximum.
  • As soon as the indicator light goes out, unplug the iron and, holding it over the sink, turn the steam control to auto-clean.  Any calcium deposits will be washed out by the steam.  Continue the procedure until the reservoir is empty.